Learning any new language is a great way to challenge yourself and achieve new personal and professional goals. If you are thinking of studying something new, here are just a few reasons to choose Mandarin as your target language:

1. Learning Chinese gives your brain a workout – As Chinese is a tonal language, meaning that the definition of words change based on intonation, Mandarin-speakers have to use both the left and right sides of their brains to communicate

2. Travel to new places. Mandarin is an official language of China, Taiwan and Singapore and has a significant presence in other countries such as Malaysia and Vietnam. By learning Chinese, you can easily travel through exotic locations and communicate with the locals

3. It is the most spoken language in the world in terms of native speakers. Around a fifth of the world’s population speaks Chinese as its native tongue and there is a growing number of people who speak Mandarin as a second language around the world

4. Discover real Chinese cuisine – Chinese food is popular around the world but knowing the language will help you to uncover exciting new dishes in Mandarin restaurants where the English menus can sometimes be lost in translation

5. Learn about a whole new culture – learning Chinese can help you to discover new customs and ways of life which are different to those encountered in the Western world. Being able to communicate with others from a different culture is also an enriching and rewarding experience

6. Reach new professional heights. With China’s ever-growing economy in mind as well as increasing Western trade with Chinese-speaking countries such as Taiwan, knowing Chinese can be an invaluable asset to companies in a range of sectors

7. It’s easy to pick up. Although Chinese is considered a challenging language, it is easier to get started than you might think. As it has a relatively shallow learning curve, students of the language can start speaking basic Chinese within a few weeks of starting their studies

8. Learn a whole new way of writing. As Chinese is written using characters rather than letters, you will be able to unleash your artistic side and practice your calligraphy in a new writing style

9. Learn about ancient history. As Chinese culture is over 5000 years old, you will be able to study some of the world’s most ancient traditions, literature and culture. As Mandarin strongly reflects the culture in its grammatical form and vocabulary, you will have a deeper understanding of the concepts you come across in your studies

10. Gain a whole new perspective on life. The Chinese have a unique way of looking at certain concepts such as time, space and history. Different from the Western perspective, the Chinese way of understanding these concepts can only truly be understood through Mandarin.

At inlingua Edinburgh, we offer a range of Mandarin Chinese classes to suit all levels from Beginners Mandarin to Advanced. All lessons are led by fully qualified, native Chinese-speaking trainers in small groups with a maximum of 10 students per class.

For companies interested in Mandarin Chinese courses for their employees, we can arrange private or group tuition, either from our school on Shandwick Place or at your office. We also offer bespoke Chinese translation services from fully certified, professional translators.