When you want to improve your English, it’s important to try and immerse yourself. You can go to the cinema, try to meet native English speakers, listen to the radio or a podcast, or read books in English.

The internet is also an easy and cheap way to practice your English. EngVid is a website full of short English lessons and totally free! We made a wee selection of 10 videos to help you to practice your English.

  1. Social English vocabulary & expressions
  2. English Vocabulary: talking about autumn
  3. English Vocabulary: in the garden
  4. How to ask people to repeat themselves
  5. Phrasal verbs with back
  6. English Grammar: should you use DO or BE?
  7. How to give criticism and compliments
  8. Common grammar mistakes in English
  9. How to express opposing ideas in English
  10. English vocabulary for cleaning your house

1.Social English vocabulary & expressions

Do you use Facebook in English? Well, it’s time to start! Watch Benjamin’s video for useful phrases you can use to talk about all kinds of social situations:

2. Talking about Autumn

Autumn is here! Or Fall, as the Americans would say… In this beginner lesson, you’ll learn some basic vocabulary related to the season of change.

3. English Vocabulary: In the garden

We love to grow plants and flowers! If you do too, watch this lesson for some useful gardening vocabulary. You will discover new words such as soil, trowel, seeds, and you’ll also learn the difference between annual and perennial plants. Just as a garden needs to be watered, your English needs to be maintained if you want it to grow. Spring is finally here, so get ready for the growing season with this easy lesson!

4. How to ask people to repeat themselves

Do you often not understand people or fail to hear what they are saying? Native English speakers often speak unclearly or too fast, making it difficult to understand their words. In this lesson, you will learn expressions such as ‘pardon, I didn’t quite hear you, could you speak more slowly, please?’ and more. Never miss a word again and become an even better English speaker with this useful lesson.

5. Phrasal verbs with ‘back’

Do not back out of this lesson because you are about to learn common English phrasal verbs with ‘back’! You will learn the meaning of back up, back away, back off, back in and more.

6. English Grammar: Should you use DO or BE?

Should you say “Where do you from?” or “Where are you from?” Is the correct question “What do you do?” or “What are you do?” Are both forms correct, or is one of them completely wrong? In this lesson, the teacher will erase your doubts about this common problem English learners have when they start forming questions.

7. How to give criticism and compliments

A compliment has the same meaning as praise and means to say nice things about people. The opposite of that is to criticize. It is never easy to criticize politely. Find out how to do just that in this useful lesson on compliments and criticism. In this video, you will learn how to give praise in English and also how to tell people what they are doing wrong. You will also learn the meaning of other words like critique and critic. Avoid being rude or awkward, and learn how to achieve constructive results when talking to people about good and bad things!

8. Common grammar mistakes in English

What’s the different? Today morning? I enjoyed? Improve your grammar by correcting the common mistakes in these English sentences. A good review for all students, especially at intermediate and advanced levels.

9. How to express opposing ideas in English

You will learn how to clean in English! You will learn vocabulary and the special verbs we use to talk about cleaning. You’ll learn verbs like wipe, sweep, wash, scrub, mop and more. This lesson is for beginners, so don’t be scared and keep your house clean.