5 Techniques to Learn Any Foreign Language

5 Techniques to Learn Any Foreign Language

If you are thinking of learning any foreign language, these five useful techniques will make it so much easier:

1. Make mistakes

Wrong Way
From the moment we born, we are said to do things properly, but the only way to learn a language is to get things wrong. Why? Because when you make mistakes you are able to remember them and do as much as possible to change them.

2. Scrap the dictionary


Have you ever noticed how much confusing reading a language can be? That is because we are used to our mother tongue sounds. Sometimes, and more for a beginner, it’s more useful to scrap the dictionary and study it phonetically.

3. Ask people to correct you


When you start learning a new language, you need someone to introduce words and grammar in the same way as you learnt your mother tongue. As time goes by , it’s important to have someone who will not hesitate to correct your mistakes while encouraging you to improve. At inlingua Edinburgh, our teachers’ method means you will have as much speaking practice as possible with frequent error corrections.

4. Keep talking

It’s easy to stop using a language when you reach your goal. But unfortunately, if you don’t keep training your skills, you’ll forget it, so try to make native-speaking friends or find a language exchange partner who you can practise with on a regular basis.

5. Make it fun!

Child laughing

If you find learning a new language tedious, you’ll never reach your goal. So make it fun!

Why Autumn is the Perfect Time to Visit Edinburgh

Why Autumn is the Perfect Time to Visit Edinburgh

If you are thinking of visiting Edinburgh outside of the hustle and bustle of the summer festivals, autumn is definitely the time to do it!

Taking advantage of the end of the tourist season, you can enjoy all kinds of events: music, sports, art and culture, festivals… as well as the activities included in the inlingua Edinburgh social programme. In autumn we have tours around the city, cultural excursions, social events, whisky tasting and, of course, the traditional pub-night that takes place every week.

Here are some of our top picks for autumn 2016:

Pedal for Scotland – 11th Sept

21/06/16 - PIC RODDY SCOTT 2016 Pedal For Scotland Launch with Sean Batty, Adele Cunningham and Robin Galloway .

The Classic Pedal for Scotland ride, the Challenge is now heading towards its 18th year! The 46 mile ride from Glasgow to Edinburgh is the event’s most popular and attracted 7,500 participants in 2015.

Botanic Lights 2016: 13 Oct-16 Nov

The award-winning Botanic Lights event at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh is back. This year, the event will take visitors on an all-new journey of light around the Garden, exploring regions of the world where the Garden’s plants and trees originate.

Scottish International Storytelling Festival: 21 Oct – 30 Oct

Storytelling Bothy

The Edinburgh Storytelling Festival celebrates the art of live storytelling with a fun filled programme for both adults and children to enjoy. Activities include readings, workshops, talks, events and exhibitions. It is inspired by the sense of togetherness of a traditional Scottish Ceilidh and its tales, anecdotes, music and singing.

Book Week Scotland 2016: 21 Nov-27 Nov


Book Week Scotland is a week-long celebration of books and reading that takes place every November. People of all ages and walks of life will come together in libraries, schools, community venues and workplaces to share and enjoy books and reading. They will be joined in this celebration by Scotland’s authors, poets, playwrights, storytellers and illustrators to bring a packed programme of events and projects to life.

If you are a inlingua student, you can also enjoy a lot of social activities every week. Some of our favourite things to do are:

Arthur’s Seat Walking Tour

Family enjoying view of Edinburgh from top of Arthurs seat, ancient volcano, Scotland, UK

Arthur’s Seat is a popular attraction because climbing to the top takes only about 20 minutes and the views over Edinburgh, Fife and the North Sea are amazing.

Portobello Beach tour

Portobello Beach

You might not want to jump in the sea in November but you’ll be astounded by the beauty of the scenery!

Rosslyn Chapel Cultural Excursion


Founded in 1446, as the Collegiate Church of St Matthew, Rosslyn Chapel today attracts visitors from far and wide, drawn by its unique and mysterious carvings and the beauty of its setting.

Traditional Pub Night

Pub Night - Ghillie Dhu

Every week the pub night takes place in one of many pubs in Edinburgh, where teachers and students can enjoy some beers outside the school environment.

So don’t hesitate and come to Edinburgh in autumn! What are you waiting for?