Did you know that Edinburgh is one of the best places around the globe to see cherry blossoms?

Japan is the biggest name in the cherry blossom game, but you can also see these beautiful pink (or white) flowers in Edinburgh. Blooming times vary year-to-year, usually between the beginning of April and mid-May.

Edinburgh’s already a magnificent city all year round, but spring brings with it the heavenly scent of cherry blossoms in The Meadows. In this massive public park, the walkways are lined with cherry trees, creating a whimsical floral tunnel.

Here are a few of the best places in Edinburgh to admire mother nature doing her show:

The Meadows is for everyone, a walk, a run, a sit down, play football, walk the dog, barbecue, play guitar etc
Nothing more fantastic than the lush green grass with the pink and purple cherry blossom, sunshine and 20++ degrees, must do, see and live in Edinburgh!