Gavin Bell the Scottish vlogger from the Shetland Islands

Gavin Bell the Scottish vlogger from the Shetland Islands

At inlingua, we think that the internet is a great place to practise your English and learn new things. As you all know, we love vloggers and we are trying to promote our favourite local vloggers.

Today we wanted to highlight, Gavin Bell, a 22 year old multi-award winning entrepreneur & vlogger based in Edinburgh. He grew up in the Shetland Islands – the very north of Scotland. He is the founder of Blue Cliff Media , a digital marketing agency. He is an expert on Facebook advertising. For a couple of months, he has been sharing his life of the world of entrepreneurship with a weekly vlog, The Journey.

For those who are learning/practising English don’t forget to turn on the subtitles! 🙂

Exploring the Shetland Islands with Gavin:


By the way, he is a bit crazy and as you know we love crazy people!

Here his vlog with a freezing winter swim: 


You can subscribe to his channel here



If you are into digital marketing he is also a really good speaker/trainer/teacher. Gavin created some very useful tutorials to launch your first online campaigns.

Here is a tutorial on how to create your first Facebook Ads and how to set up your first campaign:


A second video explaining how to create instagram Ads:


And of course if you want to watch more tutorial check out his YouTube Channel

[Meet The Maker] Craig Manor, Bagpipe Maker

[Meet The Maker] Craig Manor, Bagpipe Maker

As you travel around Scotland, the iconic blasts of the bagpipes (or, phìob mhor meaning the great pipe in Gaelic) will fill the air. It’s likely that you’ll hear a parade of pipers before you see them, but how is this wonderful instrument made, you might wonder?



Well, the art of bagpipe-making comes down to the skilled craftsmanship of the maker. The unique sound of Scotland’s most famous instrument is formed by intricately-shaped solid pieces of wood crafted into perfect pipes. Find out more from the passionate bagpipe maker, Craig Munro, who makes Highland bagpipes at Wallace Bagpipes in Glasgow. These pipes are sold all over the world and are used in some of the top pipe bands.