Prepare to be amazed this summer in the capital of Scotland.

For its 7th year running, the Edinburgh Magic Festival has more than you can imagine in store. Unforgettable and jaw-dropping performances are awaiting you from some of the greatest illusionists, mind-readers, and accomplished magicians from all over the world.

From the 1st – 8th July, Edinburgh will become the home of some the most mind-blowing shows.

Throughout its many venues, Edinburgh international Magic Festival will offer you the chance to experience a free-entry Magic School workshop featuring wand-crafting and treasure hunts for children under 7. There will also be a 4-day course or 2.5 hour workshop under the supervision of Head Master, Gary James that will bring-out the magical talent of any budding young wizard. The magic school students will learn, create and perform their own tricks, with each day focusing on a different area of magic and performance, from levitation to vanishing card tricks, with a graduation ceremony and magic show for the family on the final day.

A Secret Room in Lauriston Castle will transport its guests back in time to explore hidden passages and clandestine laboratories, late nights of horror magic and, if all this wasn’t enough, a magic hunt, which will challenge children and adults to follow a map to collect clues and solve puzzles across the city centre.

If I were you I would get my magic cloak out of the wardrobe and ready to wear asap!

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