Contemporary language for advanced speakers of English.
Language is constantly changing and evolving; English no different. Keep your English current with our dedicated programme
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30 hours per week

Start dates: 10th February, 06th April, 15th June, 29th June, 13th July, 27th July,10th August, 24th August,12th October 2020

Maximum 10 students per group

Course length: 1 week minimum

Levels (CEFR): C1 and C2 only

Language is constantly changing and evolving; English is no different. As an accomplished English speaker already you will want to keep your English languages skills contemporary and current. Keep abreast of the latest developments in global English on our course.

The course consists of two main components plus an extensive Scottish culture programme:

The morning enhanced English sessions will focus on contemporary English. Every day you will focus on a different aspect of 21st century English language. The topics covered will be adapted depending on participants’ professional needs, priorities, and teaching context.

The Spoken Performance component concentrates on speaking and listening skills as well as fluency in the afternoon sessions. You will expand your vocabulary and improve your grammar for both professional and everyday purposes.

The Scottish Culture component includes an introduction to Edinburgh and the Scottish arts. Activities include a tour of Edinburgh with a guide, a ceilidh (traditional Scottish dancing), whisky tasting and excursions to historical landmarks and places of cultural interest. Please note that the selection of activities varies depending on the time of year and availability.

What to expect? 

  • Increase awareness of recent changes and developments in English
  • Improve English language competencies, including a greater knowledge of idiomatic and colloquial language.
  • Explore internet English to discuss, post and be able to understand online content and trends
  • Focus on development in British and American English
  • Stay up to date with Language, gender and political correctness
  • Discover lexical change and development: where new words come from and how they are formed
  • Practise your slang, contemporary phrasal verbs and idioms
  • Pronouncing English from the Queen’s English to the English of the future
  • Look at modern Scottish expressions 

Who is the programme for?

The training course is aimed at experienced English speakers with a high standard of English who wish to further develop their own language skills and learn about current trends in the use of English.

This programme is eligible for (but is not exclusive to) Educational staff members or teachers with Erasmus+ funding

Participants should have at least an Advanced C1 level of English.

All participants will receive a certificate of attendance in the end of the programme. 

Prices and Dates 2020

It is recommended that participants study for 1 week but you can combine your programme with our other Erasmus+ programmes including our Intensive English Course, our Teacher Training, Technology in the classroom.

Start dates: 10th February, 06th April, 15th June, 29th June, 13th July, 27th July,10th August, 24th August and 12th October

Ready to join us? 

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