Erasmus Plus Enhanced English Skills (A1 to C1)
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22.5 hours per week

Start date: Every Monday

Maximum 10 students per group

Course length: 1 week minimum

Levels (CEFR): A2 (Pre-Intermediate) to C2 (Proficiency)

This programme is open to anyone seeking to see fast progress and gain confidence in spoken English. You will take greater steps towards obtaining fluency in English.

The course includes three components:

The Group lessons component give  the participants to exchange with people from all over the world and are at various stages of their career. The course aims to give you confidence in communicating in an English speaking environment. The course is taught in weekly modules focusing on speaking and listening covering essential grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and common English phrases. You will improve your ability to communicate in English while experiencing the vibrancy and excitement of Edinburgh.
The course will include the following:

  • Grammar activities and vocabulary development
  • Common error correction
  • Pronunciation, rhythm, intonation and stress
  • Idiomatic and colloquial language and phrasal verbs
  • Telling a story – describing and linking words and expressions
  • Discussions on UK culture and current affairs
  • Reading and Writing skills including letter & report writing, note-taking, register and expressing attitudes & ideas.

The Spoken Performance component concentrates on speaking and listening skills as well as fluency in the afternoon sessions. You will expand your vocabulary and improve your grammar for both professional and everyday purposes
The course will include the following:

  • Fluency development for social interaction
  • Grammar and vocabulary development
  • Common error correction
  • Pronunciation, including stress and intonation
  • Idiomatic and colloquial language

The Scottish Culture component includes an introduction to Edinburgh and the Scottish arts, tours of Edinburgh, a weekly Pub Night, a weekly traditional Scottish Ceilidh dancing night, a whisky tasting, excursions to historical landmarks and more.

All participants will receive a certificate of attendance in the end of the programme. 

Prices and Dates 2020

It is recommended that participants study for a minimum of two weeks but one-week stays are also accepted. Please note that accommodation is not included.

Our courses start every Monday all year round.

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