Erasmus+ Teacher Training and English language development
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30 hours per week

Start dates: 17th February 2020, 13th April 2020, 22nd June 2020, 6th July 2020, 20th July 2020, 3rd August 2020, 17th August 2020, 31st August 2020, 19th October 2020

Maximum 10 students per group

Course length: 1 week minimum

Levels (CEFR): A2 (Pre-Intermediate) to C2 (Proficiency)

The course covers effective communication and practical teaching skills as well as an introduction to Scottish culture. There is also an opportunity to improve speaking and listening skills as well as fluency in our Spoken Performance sessions. The culture component includes an introduction to Edinburgh and the Scottish arts.

The course consists of two main components plus an extensive Scottish culture programme:

The Teacher Training component will look at student motivation, adapting to student needs, teaching materials, reading and writing skills, integrating speaking, listening and pronunciation and language assessment. It will also look at teaching strategies and techniques, teaching resources and the use of technology. The course is practical and interactive with individual and group work. It is based on an adaptable teaching approach, which promotes flexibility in the classroom, allowing teachers to react to individual students’ needs and those of the class as a whole. The course involves linguistic competence, cultural immersion and awareness with practical feedback from the trainers. 

The English component concentrates on speaking and listening skills as well as fluency in the Spoken Performance sessions. Participants should have at least an intermediate B2 level in English.

    The Scottish Culture component includes an introduction to Edinburgh and the Scottish arts, tours of Edinburgh, a weekly Pub Night, a weekly traditional Scottish Ceilidh dancing night, a whisky tasting, excursions to historical landmarks and more.

    Objectives of the programme: 

    • Explore and develop teaching practice
    • Teaching reading and writing skills
    • Minimising first language usage
    • Using classroom Apps and improved interactivity
    • Using games for learning
    • Helping students activate vocabulary
    • Speaking, listening & phonology
    • Presenting and demonstrating
    • Using audio and video in the classroom
    • Teaching grammar creatively
    • Improve the participants abilities to teach English
    • Refresh the participants English language knowledge
    • Immersion in Scottish culture

    Who is the programme for?

    This course is designed for English teachers of students aged 11 and higher and adult education. Although the course is not limited to EU citizens, teachers and education professionals from within the EU and participating countries can apply for Erasmus+ funding to study this course.

    Participants on these courses come from all over the world and are at various stages of their career.

    All participants will receive a certificate of attendance in the end of the programme. 

    Prices and Dates 2020

    It is recommended that participants study for a minimum of two weeks but one-week stays are also accepted. Please note that accommodation is not included.

    Our courses start every Monday all year round.

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