EU Sponsored Work Placements

Since 2007 we have arranged work placements in Edinburgh for foreign students with Erasmus+ or Leonardo da Vinci Sponsorship. We will do everything possible in order to place students with a suitable company for a placement from 10 weeks up to 6 months. Students will have a minimum  of two weeks half-day English group lessons in our language school prior to the placement. Placements are available in a wide variety of industries including Marketing, Administration, IT, Web Design, Photography, Tourism, etc.

What to Expect

We know that a work placement overseas is a big step for anyone, so we aim to make the process as comfortable as possible. inlingua Edinburgh creates an atmosphere where the student knows they are cared for – contact in advance, a smiling face on arrival, a welcoming host family and a worthwhile placement.

A student on a work placement programme should expect the following attention before arrival:

  • Extensive contact between inlingua Edinburgh and the tutor organising the programme to establish what kind of placement is required
  • A request for an up-to-date CV detailing work experience and skills to date
  • A friendly Skype conversation or phone call to check communication skills (we recognise that speaking on the phone is a real challenge so we are always very sympathetic)
  • A homestay application form to complete which tells us about any allergies or special requirements and details of the type of homestay requested
  • Regular updates via the tutor about the allocation of the work placement

… and once here you should expect the following:

  • Regular contact with an inlingua Edinburgh representative to ensure all is running smoothly
  • A chance to speak to the homestay organiser in case of any problems
  • A letter of reference from the host company
  • A work experience certificate from inlingua Edinburgh

Taking part in a work placement programme builds student confidence, enhances career opportunities and can prove life-changing – inlingua Edinburgh is proud to be part of that experience.  Please be aware that in most cases you are here to improve your English first and foremost.

We cooperate with a number of different companies and organisations that support our work placement programme. Here are some company profiles of businesses where we have been organising placements for our students

Digital Marketing

This company within the field of digital marketing works closely with clients to provide the best strategies for promoting and improving the clients’ products or services. This role also includes tasks such as analytics set up, campaign testing, conversion optimisation, research through competitor benchmarking and monitoring and reporting. The company also focuses on content marketing through planning, creation and promotion with a collaborative approach. Social media is also a big corner of the company’s field of operation.

Places are subject to work experience, work attitude and level of English.

Fields of involvement are content marketing, web development, design, communication.

The number of employees is +/-10.


These hospitality and tourism companies offer much opportunity to explore the everyday life of running a hotel/hostel. There are many fields from the very basic task of looking after the rooms to administrating bookings and finances, helping guests and supporting the entire company to ensure the business runs smoothly. A major part of this business is to make the guests feel comfortable and to provide excellent customer service while the complex construction of administration is working “behind the curtain” in a team.

Fields of involvement are administration, communication, service, finance, tourism and hospitality.

The number of employees is +/-100.

Humanitarian Aid

This humanitarian company raises funds and donations and organises their distribution for the support of terminally ill people. This company operates nationally and raises awareness and funds through organising events and selling a range of products. The administration of finances (receiving and distributing funds) and promotional products are highly important. This work involves both a high volume of office work and occasional event organisation and participation.

Fields of involvement are administration, communication, finance, IT.

The number of employees is +/-100.


This globally operating company is a manufacturer of completely compostable packaging. Having won awards in the past for their products and ethos for sustainable and environmental friendly products, the company has distribution and operational bases in the UK, USA, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Hong Kong, Europe and North America. This work is office based.

Fields of involvement are design, sales and commerce, communication and marketing, and administration.

The number of employees at the Edinburgh branch is +/- 50.


The company focuses on B2B marketing, design and branding; creating marketing strategies tailor-made to the clients’ needs. The company also specialises in technology marketing. It is an important part of the job to maintain relationships with clients and provide excellent customer service whilst working on the technical and strategic aspects of each project.

Places are subject to work experience, work attitude and level of English.

Fields of involvement are planning and writing, (digital) design, business development, sales and marketing, communication.

The number of employees is +/-10.


These companies offer a sales opportunity. Most shops work and collect under the roof of a special charity, where all the incoming money is used to support a good cause. Here, it is important to have good people skills as you will be working with a team of volunteers to help customers. Preparing donations for sales and displaying them is just as important as providing customer support in a polite and professional manner. A great opportunity to practise newly learnt language skills.

Fields of involvement are sales, communication, finance, (interior) design, and administration.

The number of employees is +/-10.

Travel and Tourism

This company operates in the travel and tourism industry. Promoting, planning and coordinating travel for individuals, groups and corporate clients, the objective is to build up partnerships with several different Scottish-based companies which work in tourism and hospitality. The company operates on an international scale and aims to provide multilingual services for travelling to Scotland. They organise tailor-made holidays for their international customers and liaise between clients and partner companies.

Fields of involvement are business development, sales and commerce, communication and marketing, administration, tourism and hospitality.

The number of employees at the Edinburgh branch is +/- 50.

Summary Notes Placement Fee
Organisation of a work placement in an Edinburgh Work placements must be booked with min. 4 weeks’ English course £350

*Placement subject to English level and experience

If you would like to apply for a Work Placement