How to apply for Erasmus+?

The new Erasmus+ programme was launched in 2014 and will run until 2020. Similar to the previous Comenius and Grundtvig programmes, Erasmus+ will provide training opportunities throughout the EU. Applicants who would like to study an Erasmus+ course at inlingua Edinburgh will be funded by via Erasmus+ Key Action 1 Staff Mobility. Unlike the Comenius programme, applicants will have to apply through their school and not independently. See below for an overview of the Erasmus+ application process:


  1. Find out who is in charge of the international programmes and Erasmus+ training in your school.
  2. Register your school in order to receive your school’s PIC number. Contact your National Agency.
  3. Create your European Development Plan. This will be essential in supporting your application as it will outline why you feel you should be awarded funding to participate in an Erasmus+ training programme in the UK.
  4. Decide how many teachers from your school will apply and whether or not you would like to join an existing course or discuss a tailor-made programme with inlingua Edinburgh.
  5. Contact inlingua Edinburgh to register your interest.
  6. Complete your application and send it to your National Agency.
  7. Let inlingua Edinburgh know as soon as you find out the results of your application. As we receive many applications each year, it is essential that you let us know as soon as your National Agency publishes their results.

If at, any point you have questions about the application process, then please do not hesitate to contact us.