Did you know we offer programmes especially tailored for people sponsored by the Erasmus + Programme? Our range of Erasmus + courses include Teacher Training, Enhanced English Skills, Work Placements and tailor-made programmes.

** Please note that, due to EU funding restrictions, the commission on these courses is 15%

Teacher Training

Our Teacher Training courses are designed for teachers of English at Primary, Secondary and Adult education level. The course includes a Scottish culture programme and a General English component to allow teachers to improve their fluency in English.

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CLIL Training

This course is designed for educators specialising in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). It is aimed at those who teach a subject such as science, history or geography using English as a foreign language. This programme also includes a General English component as well as an introduction to Scottish culture.

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Enhanced English Skills

The Erasmus + Enhanced English Skills course is designed for professionals and educators who wish to enhance their English skills. Courses run throughout the year for and are open to applicants of any English level from institutions throughout the EU. This course is particularly suited to those who wish to improve their English level to aid further participation in Erasmus + projects.

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Work Placements

We offer work placement services for students and professionals sponsored by the Erasmus + programme. Our work placement programmes run throughout the year and offer participants the opportunity to undertake an English language course followed by a work placement in a local organisation lasting from 4 weeks up to 6 months.

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Tailor-made Programmes

We are happy to discuss individual programmes tailored to the needs of your institution’s European Development Plan. These programmes run all year round and are available to groups with a minimum of 6 applicants. They are suitable for teachers and education staff at both primary and secondary school level and can be methodology or English language based.

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