From Dante to Leonardo Da Vinchi, many of history’s greats have originated from Italy. Mozart even chose to conduct his operas in Italian over his many other languages, including his native tongue. But what can people gain from learning Italian today? Here are just a few reasons to learn this coveted language:

1. Italian is the closest modern language to Latin. Learning it will make it much easier to learn and understand other languages which have stemmed from Latin, notably French and Spanish.

2. Learning Italian can lead to new opportunities for your career. As it is one of the world’s leading economies, many companies seek professionals with skills in Italian. In fact, a wealth of multinational firms already have offices in Italy, including IBM, Motorola and City Bank. With the recent privatisation of many state-owned companies, the Italian market is opening up to foreign companies who have a growing requirement for bilingual professionals.

3. Go sightseeing in Italy. According to UNESCO, most of the world’s cultural heritage sites are based in Italy. Knowing Italian will provide opportunities to travel through the country and increase your understanding of its history.

4. Watch Italian films without subtitles. Italy had one of the world’s leading film industries throughout the 1900s, leaving behind a rich legacy of Italian-language films. Even today, Italy has won the most Academy Awards out of any country for Best Foreign Language Film, with the last award gained in 2014 for La Grande Belezza.

5. Learn more about Italian cuisine and express yourself about food the Italian way. By knowing Italian, you will be able to fully understand the menus of restaurants around the world where the English translations often don’t cut it. There are also more words used to describe food in Italian than in any other language.

6. Italian is the best language for new learners to start with. It has often been considered as the easiest foreign language to read and pronounce as there is only one sound per letter of the alphabet. Italian for beginners is the ideal class to start with for aspiring polyglots.

7. Learn about music. Italian is considered the world’s most musical language both in sound and vocabulary. Knowing Italian will mean you will be able to understand a wealth of musical terms. Those who enjoy Opera will also be able to fully appreciate Italian-language performances.

8. Communicate with Italian-speaking communities around the world. Outside of Italy, Italian is also widely spoken in parts of Switzerland, Slovenia and Malta as well as in many immigrant communities in the US and Australia.

9. Study Italian art and literature. By knowing Italian, you can appreciate Dante in its original language and lean about the history of art. UNESCO estimates that 60% of the worlds’ art treasures can be found in Italy, making the language an asset if not an essential requirement for art historians.

10. Italian is a beautiful language and considered by many around the world to be the language of romance.

At inlingua Edinburgh, we offer a range of Italian classes to suit all levels from Beginners Italian to Advanced. All lessons are led by fully qualified, native Italian-speaking trainers in small groups with a maximum of 10 students per class.

For companies interested in Italian courses for their employees, we offer private or group tuition, either from our school on Shandwick Place of at your office. We also offer bespoke Italian translation services from our fully qualified, professional translators.

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