Do you want to tell interesting stories? Telling an engaging story is a social skill that anyone can learn. Stories are important to help us understand ourselves and the world around us. One way to view our identities is as a collection of stories.

In this video, Jade from break the art of storytelling down into different topics that people tell stories about most often. She’ll share some of her personal stories from her personal life to give you examples of how to tell a good story in English. Most people have a set of stories that they like to tell. For her, there are some stories that she have told people hundreds of times! We suggest you practice your most common stories in English because you will definitely use them in a social situations with English speakers.

Having your story prepared in English will mean that you can tell it much better, and that your audience will enjoy it more by laughing in the right place, or by feeling the emotion you want them to feel, such as surprise or sadness.