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We offer a wide range of General and Business English courses with a choice of group courses or one-to-one tuition for more intensive learning. We cooperate with clients to design the most effective learning programme for the business or individual and can tailor our courses to focus on specific industries and requirements.

Course modules can include the following:

Banking and Finance, Interview Skills, Managing Successful Meetings, Presentations and Negotiations, Telephone Conversations, Inter-cultural Communication, Business Correspondence, Travel and Tourism, Human Resources, Socialising and Real Estate.


Business courses are also suitable for and can be tailored towards a variety of sectors, including:

Senior Management, Human Resources, Travel and Tourism, Business Administration, Oil, Gas and Electricity, Manufacturing, Project Management, Finance, Sales and Marketing and Law.

Methods of Teaching


Half Day Group + One-to-One

Combination Courses

Business English Mini Group Courses

We offer a range of options to suit your needs!

One-to-One Course

This intensive, total-immersion course is designed for those who need to make fast progress in a short time. It can be tailored to meet specific needs and objectives but will consistently include the following:

  • Introduction and needs analysis.
  • Speaking and listening skills which include fluency development for social interaction, grammar, vocabulary development, pronunciation (rhythm, intonation and stress), idiomatic and colloquial language and error correction.
  • Reading and writing skills which include grammar, vocabulary development, sentence structure, letter and report writing and business correspondence such as email and other specific requirements.

Specialised areas can include:

  • Senior Management
  • Human Resources
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Business Administration
  • Oil, Gas and Energy
  • Law
  • Manufacturing
  • Project Management
  • Finance
  • Sales & Marketing

Individuals can choose from 20, 30 or 40 lessons. You can also book an additional 10 lessons and have lunch with a teacher to practice your English in a social context outside the classroom.

The duration of each lesson is 45 minutes. We offer flexible hours to cater for your individual requirements and can even provide tuition over Skype. Many of our one-to-one business clients combine their classes with other travel and experience packages or use the flexibility of our tuition to fit around their working schedule.

Half Day Group + One-to-One - Combination Course

Many of our clients choose to combine our General English courses with Business English. We offer General English classes in the morning which are conducted in small groups of a maximum of 10 students and there are no mixed-level groups. In the afternoon, we provide Business English courses on a one-to-one basis or in small groups, depending on availability of clients with shared requirements.

Business English Mini Group Course

The Business English Mini Group course is designed for professionals and business people who prefer to work in a small group (maximum 4). This course is ideal for clients who wish to benefit from peer learning through group conversation and comprehension whilst having plenty of access to a trainer. It is designed to give the client the skills to communicate effectively in English and improve their confidence when working in a business environment.

The course is aimed at people with an intermediate level of English or above and includes the following:

• Presentations • Negotiations • Meetings • Socialising • Telephone Conversations • Report Writing • Email

By the end of this course, clients should be able to:

  • Communicate confidently and fluently in English
  • Deliver clear and effective presentations
  • Participate in meetings and negotiations on equal terms
  • Be able to influence, persuade, compromise and be assertive
  • Communicate with a high level of grammatical accuracy and vocabulary
  • Extract all relevant information from written text
  • Write reports, letters and emails
  • Deal with telephone calls and video conferences effectively
  • Deal with intercultural and social situations
  • Discuss current affairs and business topics
Example Business English Course Timetable


9.30 to 12.45

Needs Analysis

Each week, we collaborate with the group to assess their needs and problem areas and design the course accordingly. The trainer will focus on language errors with controlled practice and exercises.

Speaking/Listening Skills for Spoken Performance

This includes the following areas:

  • Presentations: role-plays, voice projection, posture, body language and confidence
  • Meetings and negotiations: how to influence and persuade, compromise, be assertive and solve problems
  • Socialising, interview & intercultural skills
  • Telephoning & video conferencing skills
  • Case studies

Lunch 12.45 to 13.45

13.45 to 17.00

Reading/Writing Skills for Written Communication

This part of the course will focus on written skills such as report writing, emails and general business correspondence. There will also be a group discussion based on a business-related topic or text. This section will also focus on vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation problems along with any other requests.

Please note the above timetable is a guide only and may vary depending on your chosen course option.

Business English Exam Preparation

We offer preparation courses for the following examinations:


This is a testing service used by organisations to assess the language skills of employees, trainees and job applicants. BULATS tests communication skills that are required in real business situations. It enables testing of all four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Cambridge BEC Vantage

The Cambridge Business English Certificate (BEC) Vantage is for professionals who need to use English as a foreign language in their existing or prospective careers. The examination is aimed at those with an upper-intermediate level in English.

Cambridge BEC Higher

The Cambridge Business English Certificate (BEC) Higher is also for professionals who require English as a foreign language but is aimed at those who have an advanced level of competency in English.

EU Sponsored Work Placements

Get extra help with your company’s workload by participating in the Erasmus+ programme. The programme is funded by the European Union and is designed t o help European citizens to develop themselves personally and professionally whilst gaining international work experience.

We place students from EU countries in Scottish businesses for periods of 1-6 months for valuable and mutually beneficial internships. Students are awarded grants based on merit, then matched by inlingua to a placement appropriate to their skills. The programmes have been extremely successful and provide an excellent opportunity for both the students and participating companies.

Benefits to your organisation:

  • Unpaid internships via European Community / EU Grants
  • Minimum of 2 weeks’ English language tuition prior to placement
  • Tested and screened English levels of participants
  • Co-ordinated in Scotland by experienced professionals
  • Various skills available including administration, IT, hospitality, graphic design and media.

Please contact us if your company is interested in benefiting from our work placement programme.

What Our Clients Say

Learning is fun and varied… atmosphere fantastic… a successful experience.

P. Zemke

Company Director, From Berlin

Marie Curie Cancer Care has enjoyed a long and supportive relationship with inlingua Edinburgh and has benefited from the Leonardo da Vinci student work placement programme. The students offered by inlingua Edinburgh provide an invaluable low cost resource for a great variety of activities.

Stewart Marks

Marie Curie Cancer Care - UK

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