1. English Slang: fresh from the bakery!

Today Ronnie from EngVid teach you a bunch of common slang words that we use in English. You’ll hear these words in social conversations and in movies. You’ve probably already heard many of these words and expressions, but you didn’t know their slang meaning. The funny thing is that all the words she is teaching you come from the bakery – pies, buns, dough, muffins, and more. English speakers come up with some interesting slang!

Note: this lesson is 100% gluten free!

2. How to talk about skin color in English

Talking about skin color can be complicated! Some words are very offensive and will make you sound like a racist! What is acceptable to society changes over time. With this second video you’ll know how to talk about skin color without hurting or offending someone. This lesson is VERY important because you can get in a lot of trouble by using the wrong words!

3. How to Ask Questions: How long, How much…

What is the difference between “how much time” and “how many times”? Do we say “how long” or “how long time”? In this lesson, Emma will teach you how to use “how much time”, “how long”, and “how many times”. She’ll also look at some of the most common mistakes students make with these question words.

4. Learn English with 5 Stupid Jokes!

Learning English can be FUNNY! This special lesson is all about simple, easy jokes that dads tell their kids. We call them these “dad jokes”. These jokes are a great way to learn English because they are based on pronunciation, puns, and vocabulary.

5. How to use “to” before an “-ing” verb

In this lesson, Emma explains how and when to use “to” before a verb with the “-ing” ending. The use of “to” before an “-ing” verb is not always correct. But it is correct in a particular case to express an emotion or action happening in the present referring to a past or future event. If this sounds complicated, have no fear! It is a simple structure once you understand how it works.