Where do you come from? 

I come from Barcelona, Spain.

When did you arrive in Edinburgh?

I arrived the 27th April 2014.

Why did you decided to come to Edinburgh?

I chose Edinburgh because I was looking for a nearby english-speaking city. I was doubted between Dublin or Edinburgh but I decided the last because people suggest to me. I’m very happy with the choice.

Why did you chose inlingua Edinburgh for your English lessons?

I chose Inlingua because my English teacher in Spain suggest me this school for the quality. My priority was to have small groups in class and native speaker teachers. I also chose inlingua because I was looking for a school with activities after classes to improve my english and meet new people as well. I had a very good time and met a lot of good friends.

How long did you study at inlingua?

I had 2 months and half of English lessons. I had lessons in mini-group the morning and intensive speaking the afternoon.

What is you favorite thing about Edinburgh?

It is a dynamic city in a small city. I can almost go everywhere on foot. There are a lot of festivals during the year. And my favourite place… Arthur’s Seat. A hill a few minutes of the heart of the city with excellent sights of the city.

What do you do now? 

I’m working in a souvenir shop at the Royal Mile since beginning of September 2014. I was optometrist in Spain but I wanted to find a job to practice my English.

What are you plans for the next few months?

My plan… it’s to continue to work here and improve my english. I also want to continue to discover this city and its culture. When I will be ready I want to go to India to work with people in a ONG.


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