Be transfixed with awe and wonder by a mesmerising digital animation and the deep, emotional impact of music by Mogwai.

The Standard Life Opening Event: Deep Time on Sunday 7 August 2016 will transport you through 350 million years of Edinburgh’s history. And it’ll show you Edinburgh’s iconic Castle as you’ve never seen it before.


This epic, outdoor, public artwork event forms the dazzling opening to 2016’s festival season, created by Tony award-winning 59 Productions, creators of the acclaimed The Harmonium Project that launched the International Festival 2015.

Blending trailblazing technology, narrative drama and emotional storytelling, Standard Life Opening Event:Deep Time celebrates the wonders and beauties of the natural, the geological and the man-made, exploring the very foundations of Edinburgh itself.


  • Sunday 7 August, 10.30pm


  • Castle Terrace Arena

When can I get my tickets?

Monday 11 July from 10 am online
Main ticket release

Monday 1 August from 10 am online
Second ticket release

Saturday 6 August from 10 am in person
Final ticket release