Yesterday we had some wonderfully sunny weather in Edinburgh and some of our students decided to take advantage by having their lessons outside. Here’s what they got up to…

Once upon a time – yesterday, in fact – our English class went on a field trip. Led by our teacher, Gregor, we visited the Water of Leith. There were three students in total: Chelsea, 21, a university student from Taiwan, Xin Yue from China, 18, soon to become a student of mathematics at university, and finally Daniel from Slovakia, 29, an art restorer. Our teacher had had an unexpected idea – to take us out to learn English for the second half of our class because there was such breathtakingly sunny weather – very rare in Scotland!

We walked down a steep hill along a narrow, cobbled road until we arrived at Dean Village, which used to be mills making paper and other things. The buildings there were very old and nowadays expensive to live in!


Next, we went to the Water of Leith, which is a river or stream running from the Pentland Hills to Leith. We walked along the river, past waterfalls and lots of green and trees. There was a wooden fence separating us from the water. We met two bicycle riders and watched a small dog swimming in the water. We found a heron standing in the river. Gregor told us that it stands there every day.

After that, we went over a bridge and climbed some very steep steps. Yes! We had arrived at the Gallery of Modern Art. However, we didn’t go inside, but we wanted ice cream so Daniel had to ask where we could buy it. We were told to go to the “bothy”, a small, white, wooden house in the gallery gardens. Here, we bought “surreal” ice cream, surreal because the colours didn’t match the flavour. Xin Yue’s banana ice cream was purple! She was surprised but she said that it was absolutely delicious!

Then we took a rest for a while because we were absolutely exhausted! We returned to the school happily.

 Written by Chelsea Chen, Xin Yue Jin and Daniel Marek

Photographs by Xin Yue Jin and Chelsea Chen