“Speaking” classes should be fun, stimulating and hopefully a great way for students to learn some new vocabulary (and grammar). The teacher will always try to get everybody speaking, he/she may make you speak in pairs or in small groups or in front of the class but the important thing is you have to speak!


Things to Do

  • Some people are shy but don’t worry about making mistakes, even students who appear to be very good make mistakes too. Remember you are there to speak – the teacher will try to involve you as much as possible.
  • Try to listen to the other students carefully – they will always know words that you don’t know.
  • Bring a notebook or paper and pen. There will always be new words/grammar to learn. Yes, it is a speaking class but writing things down helps you remember.
  • Sometimes you will be asked your opinion on subjects you don’t like or are not interested in, but remember you are there to practice your English – so say something! Even if it’s not your true opinion. Of course, you can always say “I’m not interested” but then please say why, like “the politicians in my country are all corrupt” etc..
  • If you want to suggest something to talk about maybe a newspaper article or something on the news please suggest it to the teacher. He or she will really like that you want to talk about something in particular.


Things Not to Do

  • Sometimes (not very often at inlingua Edinburgh) there can be people of the same nationality – always try to sit near somebody who ISN’T the same nationality and of course, NEVER speak your own language!
  • Don’t shout! People need to hear you but if the classroom is small we can hear you!
  • Try not to use bad language (swear words) – yes, sometimes we all say words we shouldn’t but particularly in English you have to be careful with swear words in certain situations. At a pub or football match swearing is fine but swearing in English with people you don’t know or don’t know well is a real “no no”.
  • Don’t get angry with the other students in the class if they have different opinions that you really don’t like. Perhaps they don’t really mean what they say and perhaps they don’t have the words in English to express what they really want to say. In any case, it’s just an English class! You are there to practice your English and it doesn’t really matter what your opinion is (though it can be great to have some ‘deep’ discussions too)