It can be daunting (and exciting) to start a new class at Inlingua – but here are some tips from a teacher…

1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions before you go to your class! Perhaps you are not sure about which classroom or what time – please ask us.

2. You might think that you don’t understand the teacher or class-mates – give it a little time, the teacher will soon know if you are not at the right level and will help you find the most suitable level.

3. Don’t sit next to someone of the same nationality! It’s easy to sit to someone who comes from the same place but you are here to learn English not chat to people in your own language – you can do that after school!

4. Please try to avoid using your phone – if you have finished an activity you can perhaps take a quick glance but don’t text – you have plenty of time at break.

5. Try to take part in some of the social activities – you might not like the activity but it is a way to get a free lesson by chatting to the teacher and other students who you don’t know.

6. Try and do all the activities the teacher asks you – he or she is trying to encourage you to use all skills (speaking, reading, listening and writing) – it is important that you can do it all.

7. Let other people speak – if you like speaking it’s tempting to speak all the time but let the others have a chance too – encourage people who are shy to speak.

8. Do your homework! The teacher is trying to make you think (a little) about what is done in the class, you need to think about the lessons outside the classroom.

9. If you want to talk about something in class, please do! Don’t just wait for the teacher to introduce topics, if you want to speak about something then it’s probably of interest to the others too.

10. Last but not least, ENJOY yourself – yes, you are here to learn but we want to make you have fun whilst learning.