A recent study has shown that speaking a second language can open your mind and enrich your way of thinking.

Different studies had already shown that learning a new language was beneficial for the brain’s health as it activates a specific area of the brain and reinforces it, helping to prevent brain degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

In addition to these studies, scientists have recently proven that it also affects your way of thinking and your perception of the world. For instance, German speakers, to describe a situation, focus on the action’s place whereas English speakers focus on the way you have reached this place. These nuances come from cultural and grammatical constraints and speaking these two languages allows you to adapt your way of thinking according to the situation. It is suggested that for bilinguals, two perceptions co-exist and bring them more flexibility in human cognition.

Speaking a new language definitely gives you an alternative perception of the world. These effects could be compared to listening music with one speaker or in stereo! Much more enriching!

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You can find more details of this study in Psychological Science review.