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Scotland’s capital city Edinburgh is well-known across the globe for its gothic architecture, top-class student life, and —most importantly for many— the homeland of Harry Potter’s most famous spots used in the movies. Not only does Edinburgh attract visitors for its appeal, but for its outstanding education. 

Our school provides students of all ages the possibility to perfect their skills and have first-hand experiences to apply their knowledge with locals while taking part in fun activities outside the classroom. If you’re interested in knowing the top benefits of learning English in Edinburgh, this article is just what you are looking for. Discover the 10 benefits of learning English in Edinburgh and reasons to book your next trip. 

  1. Edinburgh Has Beautiful Architecture

This might not sound like a fundamental reason, but psychogeography can indeed affect how you study. The term refers to the intersection of psychology and geography that focuses on our psychological experiences of the city (1). According to Colin Ellard, a well-known cognitive neuroscientist, “‘(psychogeography) encompasses things like the ways that an urban streetscape might affect your feelings, your emotions, what kinds of things it might make you do, how it might affect the way that you pay attention to your surroundings, remember things and make decisions.”

Walking around the beautiful Edinburgh, despite your specific location or neighbourhood, can have extremely positive effects on your body and mind, helping you achieve better results in your academic, professional, and personal field.

  1. Locals Are Very Friendly

Visiting a foreign country can be intimidating and overwhelming; the same feelings might arise. However, Scottish locals are friendly, especially to exchange students and foreigners in general. In addition, Edinburgh is a cosmopolite city and is home to many Europeans, including Polish, Spaniards, French, German, Italian. So you won’t feel alone. 

Furthermore, you won’t have trouble asking someone for directions or suggestions about the best pub in town; thus, they are very open to answering you and guiding you through the beautiful streets of Edinburgh.

  1. Loads Of Literature

Why learn English in Edinburgh, you might ask? Well, for starters, it has one of the world’s richest and widest literature archives that contain hundreds of year’s history. 

Named the world’s first UNESCO City of Literature, Edinburgh proudly shares its literature pieces with the world. With incredible and must-see literature tours that navigate Edinburgh’s streets, starting in the Writer’s Museum, the Scottish Storytelling Centre, taking a turn into the National Libraries of Scotland and finishing off in the Edinburgh literary pub tour was first launched in 1996.

What’s more, you can visit the Edinburgh International Book Festival that brings over 800 writers and thinkers from every part of the globe. 

  1. Affordable Living Costs

According to the UK’s newspaper Independent that published data obtained on a research study, “It can cost up to twice as much to study in London as it does in Edinburgh”. Unlike some regions in England, Edinburgh has perhaps the cheapest living costs of the UK, which is great for international students that have to fight their country’s economies to purchase a plane ticket.

Affordable rent can cost between 450-1,000 pounds, which is way more accessible than London’s high prices. What’s more, many apartments and student buildings are hundreds of years old, in which you can appreciate Edinburgh’s longstanding history at first glance. The impressive towers and dark academia-themed architecture are genuinely one of the most beautiful you could ever see.

  1. Great & Diverse Job Opportunities

Edinburgh has incredible job opportunities that can grant you a fair salary, and they are constantly looking for new employees, especially in cafes and small pubs. In addition, Edinburgh is proudly a financial city and host many of the world’s most important company’s headquarters.

Combining English language courses in Edinburgh with a part-time job is a great mix you can’t miss out on if you want to perfect your skills while experiencing the language first hand.

  1. You’re One Step Away From Other Incredible Cities


If you want to study English in Edinburgh, you’ll read about this sometimes-miss-out-on benefit. The city is incredibly well-connected to the rest of the world, with every means of transport available almost the entirety of the day, including buses, taxis, bicycle rentals, trains, aeroplanes, and more, to get you from one place to another in a quick, effective and affordable way. Not only to get around town but also to explore other capitals and well-known cities in Europe, such as Glasgow, Saint Andrews, Manchester, Dublin, and London.

  1. Edinburgh Is The Safest City In The UK

Crime and Investigation, a crime docu-series broadcaster, performed a survey that Daily Record published about Edinburgh’s citizens’ feeling of safety. The results named the city the safest place to live for UK residents. According to this poll, “82 per cent of Edinburgh residents asked said they felt their home was a safe place to live. (with) Less than one in ten adults in the Scottish capital said that they had been a victim of crime, with just 16 per cent experiencing crime in any way. (and) Nearly 90 per cent of people living in Edinburgh generally felt safe.”

Feeling safe in a foreign country is a top priority, and if you want to learn English In Edinburgh and are concerned about this, you can rest peacefully knowing that you’re in the safest city in the UK.

  1. Outstanding Activities 

Edinburgh has excellent outdoor activities that you can try out while looking at the beautiful landscape and architecture. The benefits of learning English in Edinburgh go beyond the language itself and truly make you see life differently. You can walk on an ancient Volcano, explore the Castle of Edinburgh, discover the charm of the Old town, explore the art galleries, learn about science, astronomy and cultures at the National Museum. Did you know that you can even enjoy an ice cream at Portobello beach? Film enthusiasts will love the cinemas here, which host independent cinemas; the Edinburgh International Film Festival brings outstanding and coming-of-age films for the public to enjoy.

  1. Experience The Language In First Person

If you study English in Edinburgh, you can be sure you’ll get a fantastic insight into the language, which will help you understand locals better and practice your oral speaking skills, as well as develop an elegant British accent. In addition, Edinburgh has a rich cultural heritage, with loads of museums, traditions, and literature that can give you a hand on not only the grammar part of the language but the day-to-day conversation necessities that you have to be prepared for.

  1. Edinburgh Opens Doors

Travelling opens your mind and gives you loads of opportunities to help you achieve the dream life you want. Taking part in English Language courses in Edinburgh will bring job and education experiences and connections with students from around the globe that you can later use to your advantage.

Edinburgh is a wonderful city full of rich heritage culture, with a long list of literature pieces that have come far from a hundred-year-old linkage as well as extremely friendly residents ready to help you get around town and guide you through Edinburgh’s gothic architecture. Learning English in Edinburgh has many incredible benefits for you, not only for your academic development but also for your wellbeing. 

If you’re looking for English courses in Edinburgh, Inlingua is a 4.9/5-star rated language school in Scotland that offers top-class language courses for adults, with the General English programme, but you can also take the opportunity to learn other foreign languages as well, such as French, German, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and more—providing students with a unique experience in small comfortable classrooms that allow for a more personal approach to the class, with motivated teachers that care for your progress and fun student activities such as visiting exhibitions, city tours, whisky tasting, and more.