IETLS is the International English Language Testing System and is designed for those who wish to study in an English-speaking country. The IELTS test provides you with proof of your English language ability and is scored from 1 (non-English user) to 9 (expert user). Results from the test are recognised by universities, colleges and employers throughout the world, including the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

The IELTS exam consists of four parts: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The total test time is 2 hours and 45 minutes and includes the following:

– Academic Reading (60 minutes): 3 sections, 40 items
– Academic Writing (60 minutes): 2 tasks: 150 words and 250 words
– Listening (30 minutes): 4 sections, 40 items
– Speaking (11-14 minutes): Face-to-face interview with an examiner

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Cambridge Exams
Cambridge ESOL certificates are awarded by a department of the prestigious University of Cambridge. The exams are taken by over two million people per year and the certification is recognised around the world by over 6,000 universities, employers immigration authorities. The exam covers listening, speaking, reading and writing to give accurate proof of your language skills. Because the Cambridge ESOL exams are based on real-life situations, preparing for them will help you to master the English you need to use in the real world. The levels of certificate are linked to the Common European Framework of References for Languages as follows:

First Certificate in English (FCE)
Level B2
FCE is an upper-intermediate exam that tests your ability to deal confidently with a range of written and spoken communication.

Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)
Level C1
CAE is an advanced exam that tests your ability to communicate with confidence in English for work or study purposes.

Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE)
Level C2
CPE is a very advanced level exam for learners who have achieved a high level of language skills.

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Our Exam Preparation Courses

We help you to develop strategic exam techniques through practical exercises and past paper revision. Each course is tailored to the exam you are taking and covers the following:

• Speaking, listening, reading and writing
• The format and procedures of the examination
• Grammar and vocabulary development
• Examination error correction
• Academic vocabulary and style
• Critical thinking and reflective learning
• Continuous practise through the use of past papers and other materials
• Multiple choice questions and text with gaps
• Word formation and sentence completion

Whichever exam you are preparing for, we offer a range of learning options to suit you:

• Intensive Exam Preparation (Full-Time)
• Afternoon Exam Preparation
• Evening Exam Preparation

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